Welcome to Neurodivergent Selling!

Neurodivergent Selling is a weekly show that delves into the world of sales and marketing from the perspective of neurodiversity. The hosts, Jess V and Sandy, are passionate about exploring the unique strategies and tools used by top sellers and sales leaders who are neurodivergent.

The podcast is currently available in an audio format, but the hosts are excited to announce that it will soon switch to a video format as well. The video version will be available on YouTube and Spotify, while the audio version will still be available on all major podcast platforms.

Jess and Sandy encourage their listeners to share their thoughts and suggestions on topics to cover or guests to invite. They believe that everyone's perspective is valuable, and they are eager to hear from their audience.

Throughout the episodes, the hosts have interviewed a range of guests who are neurodivergent and successful in sales. These guests share their personal stories and offer insights into how they have been able to leverage their unique perspectives to excel in their careers.