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May 16, 2023

Overcoming ADHD and Addiction with Ian Koniak

Overcoming ADHD and Addiction with Ian Koniak
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In this episode of Neurodivergent Selling, Ian Koniak, founder and CEO of Koniak Sales Coaching, Inc., shares his journey of overcoming ADHD, addiction, and transforming his challenges into superpowers. Host Sandor Sommer and Koniak discuss the importance of habits, routines, and mindset in thriving without medication, as well as strategies for maintaining focus in a world of distractions.


0:00:00 - Introduction and Background

Ian Koniak's journey with ADHD and addiction

Turning challenges into superpowers

0:03:19 - Overcoming Addiction and Thriving with ADHD

Koniak's recovery process

The role of spirituality and self-improvement

0:06:52 - Dependency on ADHD Medication and Finding Presence

Koniak's decision to stop using Adderall

Improved presence with family and clients

0:08:56 - Focus and Productivity in Today's Society

Challenges of maintaining focus

The impact of immediate gratification and dopamine spikes

0:13:46 - Productivity Tips for ADHD Individuals

Pomodoro technique and time blocking

Utilizing tools, systems, and routines

0:15:34 - The Twelve Week Year Scorecard and Prioritization System

Planning and goal achievement

Time blocking and tracking progress

0:17:22 - Task Management for ADHD Brains

A simple system for increased productivity and focus

Eliminating decision fatigue and overwhelm

0:21:24 - Planning and Prioritizing for ADHD Brains

Importance of structure and direction

Utilizing the higher brain for goal-setting

0:23:40 - Productivity and Energy Management for ADHD Brains

Cardiovascular exercise and sleep tracking

Biohacking and creative thinking

0:24:57 - Reverse Engineering for Success

Fitness enthusiast and writer's perspective

Building habits and routines

0:26:52 - Self-Compassion, Productivity, and Stoicism

The role of self-talk and grace

Handling life's challenges

0:28:45 - Gratitude and Facing Pain in Life

Koniak's experience with meditation and pain

Sandy's gratitude practice

0:32:09 - Conclusion

The importance of self-improvement and growth

Overcoming challenges and thriving with ADHD

Resources: Ian Koniak Coaching

Ian's Youtube Channel

Linkedin For Ian Koniak

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