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Feb. 13, 2023

"Empower Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Chris Bogue Shares His Experiences Selling with Video Content"

Sandy welcomes Chris Bogue, a sketch comedian and business guy from Chicago. Chris has been doing...

Sandy welcomes Chris Bogue, a sketch comedian and business guy from Chicago. Chris has been doing comedy since he was a kid, and has done shows at Chicago's Second City and various other experimental theaters in the city.

The conversation then moves to Sandy praising Chris' comedy show from the previous week. Chris explains that he has loved Whose Line Is It Anyway since he was a kid, and he and his friends used to perform the games themselves. This eventually led to Chris performing musicals, sitcoms, and full-length plays.

Finally, Sandy mentions that he worked on a script this weekend in order to lighten the mood. The Neurodivergent Selling Podcast is dedicated to empowering and celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace, and they hope to showcase the strengths and abilities of neurodivergent sales professionals by hearing from experts, thought leaders, and neurodivergent salespeople.

Chris and Sandy have a conversation about the importance of being authentic on social media and creating content that resonates with an audience. Chris explains that he has found that there is a large audience for content related to neurodiversity, and that it is important to talk to the audience from their point of view. He also explains his approach to content creation, which is to start with one audience member and build out from there, while understanding that the audience is more important than the performer. Finally, he shares his experience with improv, where the audience is an integral part of the show and the performer must continuously go to the audience to get suggestions and incorporate them into the show. Ultimately, he encourages content creators to be authentic and connect with their audience in an honest and meaningful way.

Chris and Sandy discussed how to be successful in content creation, specifically video content. Chris mentioned that to build trust and a following, content creators should make their audience the star and talk about things they wish other people would talk about. Sandy then shifted the conversation to sales and discussed how to make the customer the hero of the story. He also asked Chris about his video course, which is a complete guide to selling on video. Sandy then shared his experience with making videos, expressing that it can be scary and makes him feel naked, but that he has found success by imagining he is having a conversation with someone and making eye contact. The conversation concluded with both noting that although video is a powerful opportunity, few people take advantage of it.

Chris and Sandy discuss how video can be a powerful tool for salespeople to make more effective and convincing pitches. Chris argues that videos are a more effective way to make a good first and last impression and allows salespeople to control the conversation better than cold calls and emails. He also notes that videos allow him to introduce himself on his own terms, demonstrate respect, and keep the door open for further conversations. He also uses a variety of content such as instructional, educational, motivational, and entertaining videos to fuel his sales strategies. Chris emphasizes that people often don’t like salespeople because of the pressure they are under and that videos allow salespeople to handle objections in their content.

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